1. miyuki-arashi:

    Jealous Nino is back! 



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  3. "We don’t even realize the sands of time are falling
    Nobody knows how much longer they’ll be here for
    A lifetime that we take for granted Day by day, everyone’s being rushed
    The truth is, it’s full of irreplaceable drama”

    Arashi - Daremo Shiranai

    (元記事: i-hontou-ni (niji-tanから))

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  6. 君がいるから @ Popcorn [Nino] as a belated Christmas present for doggedlyjo 

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  7. So what’s in the box?

    (元記事: i-hontou-ni (ajayuuから))

  8. Aiba Engrish - TSD 14.04.12

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  9. Jun is right. Nino can calculate anything.

    (元記事: gustokongkape (milkyrから))

  10. ニノひどいwwwwww

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