1. miyuki-arashi:

    [Love Tour 2013]: Breathless 

  2. かわいい!!!

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  4. okayuchan:

    あお の にのみや


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  8. i-hontou-ni:

    Famous words from a wise man.

    Happy 31st birthday to the brattiest of them all, NINOMIYA KAZUNARI!!! Thank you for changing my life, for giving me a reason to smile, for cheering e up when I’m down, thank for everything. I may not fangirl about Arashi like I used to right now but one thing’s for sure, I will always be a proud fan. I couldn’t wish any better things for you but I hope you’ll continue bringing smiles to more people around this world. Thank you for showing us that a perfect idol means not to be perfect. It made fans like me to accept my flaws and live life honestly. I wish for your continued success with Arashi from now and forever. 


  9. gurenbana:

    Happy Birthday Nino! ♥


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